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How to bypass Google FRP protection?

Whenever you reset your smartphone, Google always asks about your account password, and in case you don’t know it, your phone is locked ASAP. This is due to Google factory reset protection.

So, if your password is unknown, the FRP bypass APK app is useful. This application allows you to bypass Google Frp protection and removes all accounts associated with your device.

How to Install FRP Bypass Apk?

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Additional Features

Purpose Bypass Google FRP(factory reset protection)
CompatibilityAndroid devices running Lollipop or above
Functionality Removes the account associated with the device.
Security Intended for lawful use, not for stolen devices
UsageHelpful when the Google account password for reset is unknown

Why choose the FRP bypass app?

Easy-to-use interface

No additional tool is required.

Supported by multiple Android devices

Low-size app of 1.2 MB

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Minimum Requirements

  • The minimum operating system should be 5.0. The above versions of Android, like 6.0, 7.0, and 8.0 also support this app.
  • Allow the “Unknown sources” option within Settings to install the app.
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FRP File Bypass App Old Versions

Let us move back to the past and look for the older versions of the FRP Google Manager Bypass app. If you are facing compatibility issues with the app on your device, the older versions of FRP file bypass will run smoothly on your device.

Below are the links to download the older versions of the FRP Google Bypass app. You can download any of them with a single click and enjoy a smoother experience with the app.

Comparison of FRP Bypass Apk and Other Apps

FeaturesFRP Bypass APKOther Apps
Provides mobile access✔️
User-friendly interface✔️
Quick Solution✔️
No Security Risks✔️
No impact on warranty✔️
Long-term Support✔️
Regular updates✔️
No data loss✔️

Tips for Using the FRP Bypass App

Below are some important tips for using FRP Bypass apps to ensure their full working without damaging your device. Make sure to follow all these tips accordingly.

Proper Research

Verify the credibility and safety of the APK source. Download from trusted sources to minimize the risk of malware.

Check Reviews

Check feedback and ratings from other users to gauge the reliability of the APK.

Backup Data

Safeguard important data by creating backups before attempting FRP bypass.

Device Compatibility

Confirm that the bypass method is compatible with your device model and Android version.

Verify Permissions

Review the permissions requested by the APK during installation and grant only necessary access.

Follow Instructions

Adhere strictly to the provided instructions to avoid errors or complications.

Stay Updated

Keep the APK and device software updated to mitigate security risks and ensure compatibility.

Use Caution

Exercise caution when using APKs from unfamiliar sources to prevent security breaches.

Legal Implications

Understand the legal implications of bypassing FRP and adhere to applicable laws and regulations.


  • Device Unlocking
  • Ease of Use
  • Free Access
  • Compatibility
  • Quick Solution
  • Accessibility for Users


  • Security Risks
  • Voiding Warranty
  • Potential Malware
  • Instability
  • Legal Issues
  • Limited Manufacturer Support

Benefits of Factory Reset Protection (FRP) lock on a phone

Prevents Unauthorized Access

Deters Theft

Prevents Factory Reset

Facilitates Device Recovery

Increases User Confidence

Protects Personal Data

Enhances Security

Encourages Regular Backups

Reduces Data Breach Risks

Ensure Security Standards

Alternatives Of FRP Bypass App

  • Explore alternative bypass applications by considering factors such as features, user interfaces, and device compatibility.
  • Attempt Google account recovery as an initial step, if the FRP lock is linked to a Google account.
  • Explore professional services offered by third-party providers for FRP removal.
  • Seek assistance from an authorized service center, as they may provide support in bypassing FRP upon proof of ownership.
  • Before proceeding with any alternative method, consider potential consequences such as warranty voiding, compromised device security, or data loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

FRP lock is a security feature that prevents misuse if a phone is factory reset forcefully. Bypassing FRP methods should be done only on your device when you forget your Google account password because it may spread malware on your device. There are also FRP bypass tools for PC that are safer to use.

When you link a Google account with your device, the factory reset protection turns on, protecting your device from any misuse.

Yes, Samsung and all other Android devices above Android 5.0 have FRP, and you can download the Samsung FRP bypass app to unlock locked Samsung phones.

FRP Bypass APK DM is the best app to bypass the FRP of all Android phones.

You can easily bypass the FRP of your iPhone with the FRP file Bypass app.

Yes, the FRP lock of Vivo phones can also be bypassed easily.


In conclusion, this article provides you with all the necessary knowledge to unlock your locked phone using the frp/bypass app. It is very simple to use this apk download app which can unlock your phone in a few minutes.

Moreover, the smaller app size and low Android requirements make it compatible with almost all Android devices. The FAQS mentioned in the article also summarizes it beautifully.