How To Bypass FRP On Oppo F19?

How To Bypass FRP On Oppo F19 image

Factory reset protection locks or FRP keep your phone safer after a factory reset. If you factory reset your Oppo Phone and somehow forget the password, your phone will be locked due to Factory Reset Protection or FRP. In this article, I will guide you on an effective method to bypass your Oppo F19 phone’s FRP.

Steps to Bypass FRP of your Oppo F19

  • Turn on your Phone
  • Click on next
  • Select your region
  • Then click on next
  • Connect to a wifi network
  • Then after secured wifi network click on next
  • Click on Don’t copy
  • It’s not going forward which means the FRP bypass is locked
  • Don’t worry I got you on this one
  • Go back to the wifi options
  • Then click on the info option ℹ coming in front of your connected wifi
  • Then tap on share and then tap on the nearby option
  • Then click on continue and allow the options
  • Then tap on Need Help Sharing
  • Then click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner
  • Now go to the Share Article
  • Now go to the messages
  • And create a message to any number you want
  • In the message, you type and send it
  • Now tap on the YouTube link
  • Now go to the YouTube settings and About and then to YouTube terms and services
  • This will take you to Chrome and then click on use without an account
  • Search for FRP bypass APK or FRP bypass APK DM and Tap on the first link
  • Tap on open settings
  • Then tap on the home screen and lock screen
  • Tap on the home screen layout
  • Now open the phone clone app
  • After this put this phone away for a little time and take out another phone out
  • Open the Play Store on that phone
  • Download an app phone clone one plus
  • After downloading open the app
  • Allow all the permissions
  • Now take the previous phone and select this is the new device
  • And then click on other androids and this will generate a QR code
  • Scan the code through the other phone and connect both phones
  • Wait a little bit select 1 small file having low storage and send it
  • Transfer completed, Tap on done, Tap on next and move forward
  • Click on skip, set your phone and you are good to go


In conclusion, you can easily unlock your Oppo phone using this method. Follow the above steps properly to avoid any hindrance.

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