How To Bypass FRP On Redmi A1 Plus?

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FRP lock keeps your device locked after a factory reset to ensure its security and privacy. But it can be worse if you forget your Google Account Password as it can lock up the device. To troubleshoot FRP on the Remi A1 Plus, you’ll need to delve into the device’s settings and execute a sequence of actions that bypass the security measures. These actions are listed below.

Steps to Bypass FRP of your Redmi A1 Plus

  • Turn on your phone
  • Connect it to wifi
  • tap on an emergency call.
  • Dial any emergency number.
  • Tap on the location icon>share>message>create new Message.
  • Tap and send it.
  • Tap on the link.
  • Go to settings>about
  • Tap on YouTube Terms and Services.
  • Tap on Chrome.
  • Search or go to the FRP Bypass APK Page.
  • Click on the screen smart lock.
  • Now enter patterns multiple times.
  • When a new interface appears, click on skip.
  • Go back to the start page.
  • Now enter the pattern you entered earlier.
  • Congratulations, your Redmi A1 plus Phone FRP has been successfully bypassed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use FRP Bypass APK DM to bypass FRP on all Android phones.

No, this method works without using any PC.

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